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Feral Kittens

26 November 2017


We have in our care 2 adorable young feral cats that are looking for  an outdoor life.


All they ask is a place to keep warm and dry. Be fed twice a day, have fresh water

on hand  and to have someone generally looking out for their welfare. They will be

 much happier in the great outdoors without much human contact.

Ideal homes would be Farms, Smallholdings, Stables, or just a rural home with some

 land or a large garden. Having a small colony of feral cats in such environments is

mutually beneficial -  they take care of ‘Mouse and rat Control’ and you supply them

 with a safe home.

When feral cats are re-located they should be confined to a secure indoor area such

 as a barn, containing bedding areas, litter trays and food and water for up to 3 weeks,

 whilst they acclimatise to their new environment, otherwise they will simply run away

 when released.


Although they will initially fear human contact, over time you should be able to earn

 their trust to some extent. Some feral cats may even become friendly to varying

degrees all depending on their genetic makeup.

Please call our helpline on 01246 802 919 if you think you can offer these 2 cats in

our care a lovely life?